Istanbul, Turkey Photo Gallery

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Some photos from the incredible sights in Istanbul, Turkey

11 thoughts on “Istanbul, Turkey Photo Gallery

    • Thanks very much! I’m jealous you’re back in Boston! Haven’t been home in quite some time, but hoping to get there some time in September. Glad to hear you enjoyed Turkey!

      • September in Boston is fabulous. Your brother shared your site with me as i just returned from Albania and Istanbul. We work (well, our companies) together. Anyway I love your site/ photos etc. I told Dave my dream job was Anthony Bourdains – eating, drinking, swearing and traveling! Yes please. He had no idea who Bourdain is 🙂

      • Oh wow thanks for the compliment and kind words! Very much appreciated! Hahaaha I would have to agree with you, Bourdain does have a pretty superb set up for himself. If I crack the secret that gets me a job like that I’ll let you know! Thanks again for reading and the compliments!

    • Thank you! Photography is something I definitely try to enhance my travels with, since its a great visual to help relive the memories of these great cities. You should definitely go! Its an amazing city! =)

  1. I wish I’d seen this post before I went to Istanbul, I would’ve loved to see the St. Anthony of Padua Church! Awesome pictures by the way! 🙂

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